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The purchase of a home is likely to be one of the largest and longer term investments you will make.

Unfortunately the process is tedious, stressful, complicated and has the ability to contain surprises. The biggest surprise usually comes after you have found your dream home. You toured many homes and have finally zeroed in on the one that is in the right location, has all the space and amenities you were looking for and is in your price range. We are there to provide you with an unbiased, independent non-invasive inspection, to look beyond those lovely window treatments, floor coverings and painted walls.

This is when you need GHC Home Inspections to ensure that you are about to purchase a home with confidence. We at GHC are formally trained and licensed by the State of Illinois to provide home inspection services. Our home inspections cover grounds, physical structure, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Our process is simple, but one that we believe should involve you. A typical inspection takes only a few hours, but will likely be the best use of time you will ever spend.

So, before you make that final commitment, call GHC Home Inspections and let’s spend a few hours together, so you can proceed with peace of mind!

Why GCH?

We ensure a thorough, detailed "tour style" inspection. At GCH we realize we are only one member of a varied team of people helping you acheive your dream of home ownership. Your report is sent via email within approx. 24 hrs of the inspection in an effort to avoid holding up the process. Visit Our Process page to learn more.

We can offer more!

Do you need more than a home inspector? Need a Motrgae Lender or a Real Estate Attorney? How about a Contractor, Moving Service or Interior Designer? We can help. Visit Our Network page to learn more!

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